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María Blanca González de Amigot, the wife of the founder of the Rosary Network, experienced extreme pain in the final four weeks of her battle against blood cancer and toxic epidermal necrolysis. María Blanca, 61, was a faithful mother and wife who lived the marriage sacrament with full commitment. At the end of her earthly life (10/28/2021), God gave her the grace of the Paschal Mystery of the Passion and Resurrection. Also, she died receiving the grace of a happy death.

Father Ian Jeremiah, the pastor at St. Michael the Archangel Parish in Greenwich, Connecticut, encouraged everyone to pray to María Blanca for one specific intention, and report the outcome, if it’s remarkable, to the Bishop in Bridgeport. This way, the cause for sanctity might be open after five years — which is the time that the Catholic Church sets for any cause.