February 5, 2024, Memorial of St. Agatha, Holy Rosary (Joyful Mysteries)

Friends of the Rosary:

The Catholic Church celebrates today the Memorial of St. Agatha (d. 250), a virgin and martyr who died in defense of her purity, in Catania, Sicily.

After Quintanus, the governor of Sicily, tried in vain to force her to consent to sin, imprisoned for a month, and then had her breasts cut off, but that night Agatha was miraculously healed by the apostle St. Peter.

When asked why she lived the servile life of a Christian, St. Agatha answered: “I am a handmaid of Christ, and that is why I bear the outward appearance of a slave; yet this is the highest nobility, to be a slave to Christ.”

The governor threatened her with the most dreadful tortures if she did not renounce Christ. Agatha countered: “If you threaten me with wild beasts, know that in the Name of Christ, they grow tame; if you use fire, from heaven angels will drop healing dew on me.”

She was then rolled over sharp stones and burning coals and finally taken to prison where she died while praying.

“O Lord Jesus Christ, good Master, I give You thanks that You granted me victory over the executioners’ tortures. Grant now that I may happily dwell in Your never-ending glory.”

Ave Maria! — Jesus, I trust in you! — Here am I, Lord; I come to do your will
St. Agatha, Pray for Us!

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