Nov 26, 2021, Holy Rosary (Sorrowful Mysteries) | In Memoriam of Maria Blanca

• November 26, 2021, Today’s Holy Rosary,
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Friends of the Rosary:

We might not see it, but faith, cultivated through prayer, is our richness on Earth. In yesterday’s reading (Lk 17:11-19), Jesus Christ King of the Universe, author along with the Father and the Holy Spirit, of all things, reminded us that faith is saving us.

The Evil Doer cheats us, making us think that only what we physically see and hear is real.

When you suffer a loss, as I experienced four weeks ago, your tiny world collapses. In despair, you seek answers. The only one that heals and responds is Jesus Christ and His divine Mother.

Looking for social or work distractions and support from people without faith doesn’t work at all. If you need to talk, do it with faithful relatives and friends. If they have experienced a loss and see life through the lens of the true faith, you are fine. Folks living for God will share your burden and will inspire you to bring the cross.

Ave Maria!
Jesus, I Trust In You!

+ Mikel A. |, New York