April 15, 2020: Holy Rosary On-Demand

The Rosary Network | New York

This week we picture that Jesus is truly alive after he was raised from the dead.

Jesus appeared to the holy women, to Peter, to the other apostles, and to two confused disciples walking to Emmaus. These two disciples represent humankind.

Despite all the grace, joy and peace that we receive from Jesus, we are slow to believe. Please read If you can the Emmaus chapter, at Lukas 24.

And by the way, a little confession: I did the Emmaus retreat last year, and I strongly recommend it. You will see the Holy Spirit in action.

Emmaus is a life-changing experience. In today’s Mysteries of the Rosary, we will meditate on the glory of the Risen One and on the glory of His beloved Mother, our most loving Virgin Mary.

[Written by Mikel A]