April 18, 2022, Holy Rosary (Joyful Mysteries)

[ Second Year Anniversary | In the Memory of María Blanca ]

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Friends of the Rosary:

Despite saying it in the Nicean Creed, we often forget that God created the invisible world. In our pride and ignorance, we tend to consider true only what we see.

Therefore, we miss the fact that after our bodies resurrect, we will enter the next life, which will be an eternally joyful life. Jesus Christ reminded this fact through over five hundred apparitions forty days after his crucifixion.

Except for his blessed mother and a few more, no one understood the mystery of the Resurrection at that moment. God designed the history of salvation this way, so anyone who believes in His Son will have eternal life.

In twenty centuries, this mysterious dimension has been proven over and over again. On Earth, we live in a valley of tears, but this is temporary. The true life is above. We ask Jesus Christ to keep us fit until we see his face.

Ave Maria!
Jesus, I Trust In You!

+ Mikel A. | RosaryNetwork.com, New York