July 15, 2022, Holy Rosary (Sorrowful Mysteries)

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Friends of the Rosary:

A follower of our daily Rosary encouraged us “to stop praying before man-made statues,” because we were “idol worshipping.”

Our worship is never directed to images, statues, or flowers on the altar. These objects, more or less artistic and inspirational, should lead us to God.

Let’s commit to pray every day the Rosary. Also, let’s better understand the utility of images and statues by reading chapters 2130, 2131, and 2132 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

For audio listeners, there is a daily podcast version of the Rosary, with no images: https://rosarynetwork.com/podcasts/

Ave Maria!
Jesus, I Trust In You!

+ Mikel A. | RosaryNetwork.com, New York

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