March 2, 2021, Holy Rosary (Sorrowful Mysteries) | Comment: Personal Cross

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Friends of the Rosary:

The fruit of the fourth sorrowful mystery—that we pray today—is patience. The carrying of the cross means suffering and rejection from people. No matter how painful, the cross is necessary for our salvation.

Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, could have removed the cross from us, but he didn’t. Moreover, He Himself accepted the excruciating pain of death on a cross. He accepted His mission as the Lamb of God.

This is a mystery that our minds can hardly understand. Only with the faithful eyes of the heart, we can perceive that after our earthly death we will enjoy eternity. We know for a fact that Jesus was the first resurrected man.

By the gift of grace, we trust in Jesus Christ and his holiest mother. And that’s how we are able to carry our burden and embrace our personal cross—even being grateful to the Heavens.

Ave Maria!

[Written by Mikel A. |, New York]