August 19, 2020, 4th Apparition in Fatima Celebration Day, Holy Rosary Live (Glorious Mysteries) | Offer the Suffering

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Friends of the Rosary,

On August 19, 1917, at four o’clock in the afternoon, it took place the fourth supernatural apparition of the Virgin Mary in Fatima, Portugal.

Our Lady reminded Lucia to pray the Holy Rosary every day, and revealed: “Pray, pray much, and make sacrifices for sinners, for many souls go to hell because there is no one to sacrifice and pray for them.”

Two of the three Fatima seers, Jacinta and Francisco, died as children, victims of a flu pandemic. They offered up their suffering and pain for the love of Jesus and Mary.

The two young saints offered their sacrifice in reparation of the sins committed against the most sacred heart of Jesus and the immaculate heart of Mary.

[Written by Mikel A |]