August 20, 2020, Holy Rosary Live (Luminous Mysteries) | Commentary: Invited by the Father

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Friends of the Rosary,

The Creator of the Universe invites us to a wedding—a joyful feast for his son (Matt 22:1-4). However, we, the guests, mostly refuse to come, arguing many reasons: we don’t have time, we are not in the mood for a feast because of the difficulties, economic problems, and diseases we are facing, etc.

Even when a special ambassador comes to us explaining why this joyful feast is the best thing we can do, we reject the invitation and even mistreat, insult, and beat this envoy. A few invitees who reluctantly attend, go in bad shape, poorly dressed. What an exhibition of ignorance and disrespect.

The Father sent His Only Son, Jesus Christ, and we didn’t recognize Him. It happened two thousand years ago, and it is happening today.

Let’s be open to the Holy Spirit, meet Jesus through Mary, repent for our sins, aspire to holiness, and venerate Jesus in the Eucharist. We pray today the Luminous Mysteries.

[Written by Mikel A |]