June 6, 2020: Holy Rosary Live (Joyful) | Comment: Rosary in Our Pocket

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Friends of the Rosary,

Our Lord wants us to pray the Holy Rosary. This prayer is an effective tool against the deceit and wickedness of Evil.

The Virgin Mary, Queen of Saints and Angels, comes in our help in full power when we are cornered by the master of the lies. Our Lady appears along with San Micheal the Archangel, ready to win the battle.

Friends, every day that we invoke to Saint Michael, the prince of the Heavenly Host, to defend us in battle is for a reason. This is not a boring routine. Evil forces harass us all the time.

Reciting the Rosary and keeping it with us in our pockets is a very smart practice.

Our Blessed Mother gave the Rosary to the Church in the 12th century, so we could absolutely use it.

[Written by Mikel A]

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