May 9, 2020: Holy Rosary On-Demand

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We often wonder what God is thinking and why we experience so much suffering, especially today with the Covid-19 fear and economic struggle and uncertainty. Jesus, who was like us in all things but sin, gave us the answer twenty-one centuries ago: “I’m in the Father and the Father is in me”.

Jesus is consubstantial with the Father. Wow, can you believe it?

God-made flesh dwelled among us, suffered along with His mother in this valley of tears, and we still wonder? What’s wrong with us?

Jesus, a fellow sufferer with us, encouraged us to take our cross and trust him.

And He provided us a definitive answer: “Whatever you ask in my name, I will do it.”

Across history, this statement has proven to be correct. We faithfully ask… and we are given.

Exactly the same way that Our Blessed Mother in Heaven always hears us and answers us.

[Written by Mikel A]

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Ave Maria Purísima,
Sin Pecado Concebida

Hail Mary Most Pure,
Conceived Without Sin